Born in Albuquerque, NM, and raised in Boston, MA, Christopher Carter infuses a blend of ethnic and urban influences in all of his artistic work. His bold and decisively organic sculptures strongly reflect his African-American, Native American and European heritage. His assemblages embody power and energy accentuated by the source materials he selects for his creations. Rarely using anything “new,” Carter fashions a chorus of images composed of recycled woods, metals, glass shards, ropes, resins and a variety of discarded objects, that when united seek to depict traditional concepts in an innovative and creative way.


The artist’s latest series, Tethered to the Cradle, has been praised by Curator Jack Rasmussan of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center saying, “Carter teases out his adolescent notions of ready-made forms and dives into the wonder of gravity-governed games. The sculptures exhibit themes of struggle and resilience and draw on the history and prior use of the materials he selects. He carefully enhances their vibrancy and organic qualities.” Reflecting on his materials and process, Carter states, “Objects and found materials in my work function as the mortar as well as inspiration.  Found materials sometimes inspire my direction while my process fuels the need for more materials. The works are eclectic because of my penchant for working materials and methods in challenging, often distressing, ways. Pushing materials and objects out of their intended purposes into new and surprising vernaculars. I feel an affinity to each object or material I acquire. It may not be immediately apparent what will become of the object or material but over time it will get sorted as my ideas formulate.”

Carter graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from UC Berkeley and a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). He has held teaching positions at UC Berkeley, as a visiting professor and lecturer, and at The Art Institute of California, San Francisco, as an instructor. 


Christopher Carter continues to create, exploring new themes and materials in his lifelong pursuit of individual expression. Carter’s home and studio are located in Miami, FL, where he lives with his wife and daughter. 

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“Using found objects, machine parts, and recycled lumber, I was inspired in part by the very nature of the objects themselves. While mining through the collection of gathered materials, comparisons and concepts are unearthed and explored, suggesting meaning and relevance when pushed to a sculptural form.”

Christopher Carter

This film was produced for Christopher Carter's exhibition at the California African American Museum  (03.05.2011)

Christopher Carter